Hot Exposed Sextapes

hot exposed sextapes

So my girl Fran and I were hanging out when we got kinda horny. I dunno what I was thinking, but I knew I just had to videotape our screwing session. Good thing she was game, cuz it woulda been a waste not to show off her awesome bod, right?. I ate off her pussy for starters and she massaged my dick with her titties. Man, that felt like heaven! And then she sucked me off real good so I couldn’t wait to fuck her blind. I tell ya, my girl’s got the best pussy I’ve ever tasted and it’s all mine! Of course I’ll let ya watch me bone that snatch so you can whack off to it, LOL! Come on over and watch me and Fran get it on again and again in our pilot flick. We decided we like being stars in our porn vids, we actually made six more!

September 29, 2013

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