Hot Exposed Sextapes

hot exposed sextapes

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We’re both fans of fucking outdoors, and we regularly record our adventures on video! Here’s one of our favorite movies where Michelle jacks me off and models her sweet pussy around before she lets me fuck her under the sun. Here she flashes the camera (she’s got a great rack that’s not too big) and rubs my dickhead on her nipples. So even if I start off with a soft dick, it doesn’t take long before it’s rock-hard, but Michelle has other ideas before sticking it in her snatch! She rubs my woody all over her body and waits for me to beg to bang her. What a witch! Watch me screw the hell outta my naughty girlfriend and cum all over her here. We’ve got more filthy and action-packed home videos waiting for you guys!

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My girl Mary and I love taping our sexcapades and we even share them with our friends! So here we’re sharing with you some of our favorite videos from our stash, and in this one we were all over each other! Mary’s such a great cocksucker and I could just watch her over and over again while she’s noshing on my boner. Of course I repaid the favor by sucking on her clit, and it drove her nutso wild! She came on my tongue and I fucked her like there was no tomorrow, LOL! We’ve got more videos in here and we hope you’ll like them ’cause we had a ball shooting them. Next time we’ll send in more of our home movies!

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We love getting it on whenever and wherever the mood hits us! Here’s one of our videos that we shot while driving on the way to the grocery. Saul kept teasing me in the car so I showed her who’s boss! As you can see, Kendall’s got a lovely rack and I couldn’t keep my hands and mouth off those puppies. Sucking them got me real hard and soon she returned the favor with one of her world-class blowjobs. She’s a real semen demon and wouldn’t stop sucking until I exploded right inside her mouth! Check out our entire video here, we hope you like it. And we also sent in more of our adventures for you to enjoy!